Top notch training and study courses

Professional courses for security experts. Not the cheapest courses around, but very comprehensive and unique courses for:

  • Professional Security Managers
  • Prof. Protection Officers-close protection
  • Private Military Officer
  • Professional International Investigators
  • Professional Intelligence Officer
  • Prof. Air Security Officer
  • Special Operations Course (SpecOps)

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EUBSA graduates will be offered direct employment upon completion of any one of our training courses. We limit the number of participants per course and year about to that number which corresponds with the number of new staff employed by the BSG annually.  In other words: we about train just as many new students BSA will be able to directly employ. Thus, we can guarantee employment upon completion of a course to just about every graduate who wants to use that option.

BSA training

Over the past 35 years, we have developed some of the finest training and study courses of the private security industry.

Some of our courses are unique and hard to find elsewhere. BSA is not primarily a training company for the open market. We train students on highest levels to later work for us, we do not offer courses over just a few weeks and then release graduates into the open market. In our eyes, that would be senseless, as just a few weeks training will never suffice to make a serious career. We offer complete, comprehensive courses ONLY with the goal to create complete and apt security specialists.

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