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Clients:  if you are in need for any kind of professional security service, you will find that we offer every service you might ever need. We focus on security and risk management, crisis intervention and travel security management, professional investigations, close and dignitary protection, private military services, air and maritime security as well as transportation and tourism security, and intelligence operations of all kind. If you would like to directly employ a security expert, we can supply to you a vast list of operators looking for employment, which have all been security checked by us. Please feel free to contacts us at ANY time!

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As a licensed BSG partner/contractor you will maximize your potential. Benefit from our wide global network to obtain many more assignments, jobs, contracts. Get access to training and study courses at reduced tuition fees. As a BSG member, you can multiply your possibilities. BSG group cooperate with licensed partners ONLY.   contact us now about how to join as a BSG certified member

If you are an independent operator or looking for an employment on the open market, while possibly not qualifying for direct employment with Brillstein, joining our "security career data base" will help you get more employment offers in a shorter time. To find out more about this great option, see here...


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