www.recruiter.eubsa.comWelcome to the BSG “security career data base”!

The aim of this Brillstein service is to bring top operators and contractors of the private security industry on the same page in order to ease the cooperation in our teams, simplify the recruitment of staff, the sale of industry related services and to advertise and promote company services. Essentially, the security career data base will allow you to quicker get job opportunities. You will get access to a database with available assignments and career options. We allow only qualified and quality checked operators to be admitted to our data base.

If you are an individual contractor or operator, you can join this data base for an affordable, small one-time fee. For this fee, you not only get access to the data base. You will also get a up to 50% reduction on the fees for our specialized training courses (BSA), and many other advantages. Please contact us today and join our team.

We invite reputable operators and companies of any and all walks of the security industry to join the Brillstein Group security career data base, if they are looking for security staff or contractors. There is no cost and all our services are free for clients.
We are confident that we can simplify any existing process of finding available qualified staff to match your search requirements. As a company member, you are given a user name and password. After logging on you simply input key words relating to the skills prospective staff should have in order to fulfill your criteria. Our system searches through the data base and matches our available members with your search criteria.

Included in our data base are security experts for every possible task or position. Security managers, security guards, close protection operators or staff for any other assigment you might have at hand.

After searching the data base, you are presented with a list; this could include hundreds of candidates. If you conduct a specific search, only a few matches may come up. You can peruse selected member profile which gives you on one simple page the skills and work history etc, they have. We have eliminated all irrelevant information.
The system is quick, taking a few minutes to acquire expert staff.

We are confident this system will make the process of finding staff much easier. We accept most companies have a vast data base, and favorites are always selected first, but we provide an additional tool which is quick and simple and free. We take no commission and charge no handling fee. The service will always be FREE and ALL staff included in our data base will be background-checked and qualified.
If you require staff to be available at short notice, there is now no need to search through your CV archives and make hundreds of phone calls. We now do all the work!

There is no catch, our staff members pay to complete their profile, as little as 8 pound per month which they can cancel anytime, but few do as this industry lends itself to short term contracts and a member can receive offers anytime they are available.
If you are not looking to employ staff yourself, but just need qualified security experts to do a certain job at hand, we will help you to find the right kind of expert. BSA is in business for about 35 years and will assist you in solving your security problem – professional, global, loyal.

Hundreds of companies all over the world do searches to find qualified staff and many of
our members qualify for these positions. We offer a free service to save companies such as the time and effort to search for such staff, which obviously saves the companies money as well.

To join up and become member of this great service – as a company searching for new staff or as a security operator looking for new employment on the open market and for sub-contractors as well – please contact us any time to find out how to register.

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