Brillstein now starts recruiting new members for the Emergency Reaction Team (ERT) (see here for details about ERT).

The Brillstein ERT team is a highly trained team consisting of elite operators, fulfilling special duties assignments around the world. The team members are cross-trained in a variety of security fields, pure military training is not sufficient. You can compare ERT's role in the security world with the role of elite units such as DELTA in the military world. Clandestine, undercover work (special duties) is the bread and butter of ERT.

ERT team members receive a full employment contract for no less than 3 years (you must thus stay on for at least 3 years). Basic monthly salary is at present 6,500.00 EURO (about 10,100.00 USD at present) plus various bonus payments. Benefits are: life insurance and medical package. All expenses paid up for. No need to relocate, except for the training phase of 3 times 3 months (you will need to stay in-camp most of that time). All equipment and training free of charge. Deployment generally 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off - but protracted deployment is possible. Deployment will occur internationally, you will need to travel, but you need not relocate from your current address of residence. High level of secrecy and confidentiality. Only top notch operators will be accepted, but applicants may come from all walks of life - we will provide for necessary training, but you must bring "the raw material": extreme will power, desire to achieve maximum performance, you must have the right kind of character and mind, extreme loyalty, able to overcome fear and severe physical challenges, able to work in very hairy situations, undercover.

In order to qualify for application, you

    • must pass the BSG selection and exam course in order to qualify for the ERT
    • must be in very good physical shape, speak good English
    • must  be between 21 and 40 years of age
    • should have no health problems
    • should be willing to learn, to adopt and to fit into a team - cross-training and advanced training will be provided for
    • should have no problem with continuing to study and train new elements all the time
    • should read this entire web site  before you apply for any position

Please DO NOT send in your application to 10 different of our e-mail addresses... ALL our BSG network partners share the same internal HR department; all applications will finally end up in the HR dep't, so it won't raise your chances to e-mail us a dozen times. Once your application has been reviewed, the officer in charge will contact you! It will NOT help to send in more than one application!  

To apply, you can contact us any time via our secure feedback form - please address all communication regarding employment to the HR department ONLY. Thank you. All other attempts to apply for any position will be ignored!

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