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Other employment options

EUBSA BV Inc. does focus on special services, unlike the average security company. It has been mentioned before that we do NOT focus on static security, guarding facilities or providing convoy security. Having said that, we DO offer such services at times and we do provide internal security within our own teams.

We currently are hiring and training candidates in the field of intelligence services. To find out about the requirements in this area, please consult this page.

EUBSA specializes in high risk private military, close protection and the following areas

  • Intelligence and undercover operations, also protracted ones, both military and civil context
  • high risk emergency extractions, crisis intervention, rescue missions
  • high risk close protection assignments
  • Air and aircraft/airport security
  • Maritime and ship/port security
  • Transportation security
  • Risk assessment, loss prevention, security audit
  • Penetration tests
  • Investigations

From time to time we hire external applicants; however, paricipants of our training courses do have priority for all vacancies, as we guarantee full emplyoment to our participants.

If you are interested in working in these areas but you not yet have the proper training and skills, you can sign up for comprehensive study and training courses.

We do fully employ EACH of our graduates because per year we only admit to our courses the number of participants we (EUBSA/BSG) will employ ourselves. In effect, this means we offer guaranteed employment to every single graduate of one of our courses.

You need to speak English well enough to operate and communicate entirely and with ease in English. This is an indispensable requirement. There’s no way around this. Even though we may offer German, French, Spanish web pages dealing with recruitment, English will still be the central, main language. In international security, you can’t successfully operate long-term without a good knowledge of the English language. Communicate and apply with us in English, please.

We prefer applicants

  • who are married and/or in a stable relationship for some time

  • with college degree or officer patent (military officer or NCO with college degree)

  • with relevant professional experience in private security or in the field of transport, tourism or travel security for 3 consecutive  years or more

Please DO NOT send in your application to 10 different of our e-mail addresses... ALL our BSG network partners share the same internal HR department; all applications will finally end up in the HR dep't, so it won't raise your chances to e-mail us a dozen times. Once your application has been reviewed, the officer in charge will contact you! It will NOT help to send in more than one application!  

you can contact us any time via our secure feedback form - please address all communication regarding employment to the HR department ONLY. Thank you. All other attempts to apply for any position will be ignored!

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